Global Education Summit with African insights from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Kenya and Nigeria

AVP CEO, Baillor Jalloh was at the Global Education Summit 2021 in London. He spoke with African delegates and event organiser Alice Albright, the CEO of Global Partnership for Education. We also have summit closing remarks from the co-hosts Uhuru Kenyatta and Boris Johnson. Alice Albright, the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for Education discusses how the pledges for funding education globally will be turned in to reality and also explains how the Global Partnership for Education works with governments in policy undertakings on education. President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, commends all leaders on their devotion to propelling education through the pandemic. In his closing remarks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson notes that the Global Partnership for Education was the silver bullet to ending global injustice by funding education effectively. Others who joined us include Dr David Sengeh, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Education; Nigeria’s Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama; Amadou Thierno Diallo, Guinea’s Minister of Cooperation and African Integration. They all spoke to Baillor Jalloh, of African Voices Platform

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