Guinea: FNDC calls for nationwide protests against the military junta

Guinea’s Front National for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC) have organised a nation-wide protest for Thursday 23rd June. This will be the first protest since the junta took over and is supported by the two main opposition parties in the country. The junta has banned all sorts of protest.

Ahead of the upcoming protest, our reporter Baillor Jalloh has been in Guinea and spoke to the current head of the FNDC, the Oumar SILA Sylla also known as Fonike Mange. Fonike Mange was locked up twice during Alpha Conde’s regime. He was released shortly after the Junta took power in 2021.

Guinea’s population which welcomed back the junta in September 2021 following the ousting of Alpha Condé are now frustrated with the junta’s direction which seemingly is headed for a “clinging on to power” strategy.

ECOWAS will meet in July to decide the fate of Guinea and that of Mali. Baillor Jalloh also contacted Ousman Diallo who’s the spokesman for the junta government in Guinea for an interview but there was no response.

Watch the interview here

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